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  • Rachel Vargeletis

What is a Good Website Investment?

Hello Dear Small Business Owners!

I love you, I do, but can I get real for a minute?

A HUGELY important tip I can offer as a web designer is that when it comes to creating your business website, go by the following☝🏽 rule of thumb and your success in growth is that much easier.

Good investments are ones that can grow with you.

Seems simple, right?

Then why are most of our clients in need of an entire website redesign and transfer to a new platform?

I will tell you!

->The leading cause is owners thinking they are saving money.

This is not the case.

🚫Too often we see businesses going for the cheapest, easiest option.

🚫Too often, businesses fall for the appeal simple template websites offer in their “easy of use” and “effortless professional appeal”.

These businesses end up with a cookie cutter website that might look the part and solve an immediate need, but even so, this is still a bad investment.

✅A good investment is securing a website platform and designer you can certainly grow with.

And I can tell you right now, from experience, the cookie cutter, quick and easy website hosts, you cannot grow with. You will end up paying more in the long run when you decide to expand in any form and realize you need a new website entirely. 👎🏽

By making the start investment of choosing your website platform and/or designer intentionally, thinking ahead instead of just immediate.

Instantly, you save your business money (and headaches) from there on out!

Instantly, you set yourself up for success and increase your chances of growth.

Guaranteed! 👍🏽

Now, what does it mean to choose a website platform that allows for growth?

• That it can continuously adapt to your needs. Both planned and unforseeable.

• That it has software/programming built-in already that you can easily use in the future without needing to redesign or transfer your site to a new host.

• Or that you have chosen a designer that can meet your needs now but also has enough skill to continuously do so as you expand.

The reason for this being, your initial designer comes to know your business & your brand to create you a website. For additional edits or add-ons beyond this, by using the same designer who can complete them, efficiency increases and the end-results are guaranteed to be spot-on. There is no need to shop around for someone who can complete your task if from the jump you partner with someone prepared for what growth means for your business.

For example:

If you are an e-commerce shop, a designer who understands that as you grow, more functionality should become available to your shop. (Like subscription options, multiple forms of payment, size and shipping options, email marketing, discount codes, sales, etc.)

If you run an appointment or service based business, a designer that can set you up to allow clients to book appointments through your site, showcase your work, allow clients to request quotes, integrate your calendar, collect leads, send and receive invoices in one place, connect all marketing and communications in one place, etc.

Here’s a list of website platforms I would suggest are growth friendly:




The best platform for you will depend on your business, but these ones are a great place to start for just about any business!

Moral of the story, basic template websites look good from the start, but most do not allow for your businesses’ growth!

➡️ If you want to succeed, an investment that promotes your success is an investment you can ✨GROW ✨with!



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