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Get to Know Us

Grow Places was created with the intention to lift up the voices of small businesses with big dreams and even bigger potential.

The game is constantly changing on the countless platforms we use every day.

What hasn't changed is low accessibility to marketing services invested in small businesses.

Grow Places was created to address this gap.

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Marketing your business, building brand awareness, presenting your business to the public in the precise way you always intended is so important.



Hi! My name is Rachel Vargeletis-Peguero

I have been aiding both children and adults in watering the seeds of passion, change, and opportunity for over 9 years.

I have experience with start-up development as well as already established business management and optimization.


Helping clients thrive in an ever-changing digital world, and leveraging their unique strengths to build a personalized roadmap to success is my passion.

Marketing, web design, brand establishment, the list goes on with what can be seen as overwhelming, daunting, or even not important (if you can believe it).
My goal is to streamline your needs, maximize your growth, take some weight off your shoulders, produce results you're sure to love, and show you all you can be with a little help from a friend

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